Major Companies Call for Second Circuit to Declare Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation Unlawful under Title VII

Defense Secretary Delays Start Date For Military’s Allowance of Transgender Recruits

Seventh Circuit’s En Banc Decision in Hively Opens Door For Transgender Protection Under Title VII

Hiding Behind Faith

Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Decision Lends Further Confusion to Title VII Protections

Leaked Draft Executive Order to Respect Religious Freedom Disrespects the LGBTQ Community

Worcester Medicine Publishes “The Line Between Help and Harm: The Medical Consensus of Conversion Therapy for LGBTQ Minors” by Jen Garner

The New England Journal of Higher Education Publishes “How Much Power Does a Higher Ed Institution Have Over Including Transgender Students in Greek Life?” by AiVi Nguyen

Wal-Mart Settles Class Action That Alleged Denial of Same-Sex Spousal Benefits Violated Title VII

7th Circuit Rehears Hively Case

Unmarried Couples: Think About A Cohabitation Agreement

Supreme Court To Decide First Case On Transgender Rights

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