The Massachusetts Transgender Public Accommodations Law: What Should My Business Do to Comply?

Biology Not Required to Establish Parentage

The Tax and Legal Implications of Tying the Knot

“Least Restrictive Means?” Court Grants Employer Religious Exemption from Title VII in Gender Stereotyping Case

New Jersey Residents Sue Department of Banking and Insurance over New Jersey Infertility Mandate

Appeals Court Upholds Illogical Definition of “Sex Discrimination” Under Title VII

Transgender Restroom Rights May be Headed to SCOTUS

Governor Charlie Baker Signs Transgender Public Accommodations Bill into Law

Mississippi Judge Invalidates A Portion Of The “Religious Freedom” Law

The State Of LGBTQ Rights: A Year In Review Since Obergefell v. Hodges

Kim Davis Requests Dismissal Of Her Appeal – But Not Because She Changed Her Mind

Even In The Wake Of The Orlando Tragedy, Gay Men Are Prohibited From Giving Blood

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